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Artist website: www.lanndon.com
Lanndon Lingerfelt is a 17 year old that is intelligent, talented, and beautiful beyond her years. At 17 she has already graduated high school, finished her first semester in college with a 4.0+ grade point average, while traveling back and forth from North Carolina to Tennessee. Every weekend she performs in local venues all around Nashville. She has impressed and inspired so many people not only fans but has impressed companies like Realtree and Custom Chicago Percussion. Realtree and Custom Chicago Percussion Sponsor Lanndon and support her effort in trying to make it in the music business.
Lanndon and her parents define the word dedicated in a perfect way. For almost four years now they have been driving every weekend from North Carolina to Tennessee just so Lanndon could perform in Nashville. Lanndon lives in Shelby, NC which is a six hour commute one way.
Lanndon was a singer from birth. Her parents always said that screaming as a child is what gave her lungs of steel. At 12 years old she was in a hometown band singing all around North Carolina gaining fans. By the time she was 13 she was in Nashville, Tennessee singing at the World Famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and continued to sing there until she was 15 years old, doing two sometimes three four hour shows each day every Friday Saturday and Sunday. They drove back home every Sunday night just so her parents could go to work and so she could continue her schooling. Lanndon’s mom is a school teacher so Lanndon was homeschooled starting at the age of 14. Lanndon being so dedicated to everything she does, she finished high school a year and a half earlier than the rest of her classmates. While other girls her age were doing the “High School thing”, Lanndon chose a different path. The hard worker and smart young woman Lanndon is at age 15 she had saved up enough money to buy her own car for when she turned sixteen. Later that year she did. Lanndon also has a love for hunting and outdoors. If she isn’t singing or playing her guitar she is outside enjoying nature itself. What little free time she has she spends it with her father during hunting season in the woods and at different hunting locations. Lanndon is very skilled in handling a gun and gun safety as well as being a great archery sportsman. She shoots skeet and loves going to target practice. One of Lanndon’s dreams is to host her own hunting show to inspire and encourage young girls in the sport of hunting and gun safety.
Beauty, intelligence, talent, a nature girl or a country music performer, this is the total package. She sings with a distinct country sound that is like no other. Lanndon can move easily from a country standard, to standing on a bar belting out a rock favorite! Lanndon can still be seen playing some of her favorite clubs, Bootleggers, Whiskey Bent, and Silver Dollar in Nashville as well as touring and playing different venues, fairs and festivals. She has been in the studio recently finishing her upcoming album and has been working with some very influential writers in Nashville developing her writing skills such as Eric Haines, Greg Cook, and Jeff Batson, video producer, Michael Giancana from Paradestormer Video Productions, Joan Uselman, Business Management Office, Endless Beat Management, and Ginger Hensley, Harris Music Group.
We appreciate you taking time to visit her Reverb Nation site. Her new single is on all major internet stores (iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Reverb Nation, iheart Radio, Amazon, Radio, Rhapsody, emusic, Simfy, Muve Music, Media Net ) and many more, available for download called “Believing In Me”. Thank you also for taking a look at her video shot at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Nashville and produced by ParadeStormer Video Productions. Don’t miss an opportunity to come see this exceptional talent if you are in and around the Nashville area. Lanndon does approximately 150 shows a year and is getting ready to submit her promo package for major label consideration.
This is the face a camera loves to photograph, the singer everyone wants to hear and the girl everyone wants to know. One name…one voice…LANNDON!